Dec 2, 2008

Welcome Everyone

Hello all,
Welcome to the Sound Design Concepts Online Journal. I am hoping that this blog would be a place where we as designers can come together to discuss sound design as an art form. I feel that as artists we have a difficult time sharing our concepts and styles with each other, mostly because we are isolated within our field, and don't run into each other often. I am hoping that we can use this forum to relay ideas off of each other, and expand our own ideas with the experience and concepts of others.

For example, some of the questions I would have for others, that you could talk about:
What is sound design?
How does sound work with telling of a story?
What ways can we discuss sound with someone who isn't a sound designer?
Do you have a specific style or personal approach to designs?
What would it look like if sound were a standalone artform?
etc. etc. etc...please fill it in from here...

When posting; you can post ideas, essays, links to websites that you find interesting, questions that you would have, things your thinking about, etc. I am only one person and you all probably have even more ideas than I do. That is why I want to create something that is out and open for anyone to post, because my own knowledge is limited. I have included links on the sidebar to online open access journals, as examples of other artistic exploratory endeavors that you can use as a reference.

In order to post to this blog/become an author, I will need to invite you, so if you send an email to, I can add you as an author. Please pass this blog around to other sound designers that you would know, the more the merrier. You can also view this blog without being an author, and you can comment on it as a user or anonymous.

As a note of clarification: I would like to stay away from technical discussions. I know that a huge part of our field is the equipment and what you can do with it, but this is more for overarching concepts of sound design, not necessarily how to implement that concept. There are other forums set up and better equipped to answer any technical questions that you would have.

Mission Statement: This blog is for professional Theater Sound Designers to have an open discussion on Concepts and Ideas about sound design as an art form, in a forum that is safe, encouraging, and challenging, in an attempt to further ourselves as a design field, through our own education, knowledge, and experience.

~Chris Baine

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