Oct 5, 2009

Soundwalk 2009

On Saturday night, I went down to Soundwalk 2009 with some friends. Soundwalk is an annual event in Long Beach, CA. Every fall, on a Saturday night, four square blocks of downtown Long Beach are taken over by dozens of sound artists, each displaying a piece of sound art. Some pieces are big, some are small. Some are loud, some are quiet. Some are well-thought out, some are awkward. Some are thought-provoking, some are pretentious. Either way, it's an exciting night, full of sound, light, and plenty of new things for your ears to play with. Here are some shots from that night:

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  1. Vinnie, This is really cool. I have always been interested in how to make sound design a standalone art form, and it looks like there are people doing that already. I should put up pictures of my stuff at some point. Thanks for sharing. Chris

    PS, I swear I haven't forgotten about this blog, but I am still interested in getting it up and useful to us as designers, if you know of anyone who would interested in contributing please let me know..